What is a Home Security Service and How Does It Work?

A home security service provides a system for detecting unauthorized entry into your home and property through interworking components and devices with a central control panel. All home security systems, whether basic or complex, work on the same basic principle of securing entry points—doors, windows, garages and valuables. Components of a Home Alarm System A […]

Tips for Finding the Best Home Alarm Companies

If you’re in the market for a home security system, the good news is 80% of homeowners with alarm systems are happy with them and rate them highly effective according to Consumer Reports National Research Center. With that said, they also report many consumers shopping for alarm systems report hassles when purchasing one. Consumers complain […]

The Latest Trends in Wireless Security Systems for the Home

Over the course of the last decade the home security industry has grown leaps and bounds. Home security companies continue to innovate and implement new technologies into their systems to meet the ever increasing demand. Today’s modern security systems have become quick, customizable and wireless while saving time and money compared to older, wired systems. […]

Is an Integrated Home Security Solution Really Necessary?

Your family lives in a great neighborhood with wonderful neighbors and a low crime rate, so do you really need a home alarm system? The answer is yes. Even the safest neighborhoods experience break-ins and burglaries. Most burglaries are committed by non-professionals, young men under age 25 who are in search of small items to […]

An Overview of Integrated Security Systems

The FBI recently reported that home burglaries are the most common risk to your home when compared to other threats such as fire or flood, even though home burglary rates are at a 20 year record low. Despite statistical proof of dropping crime rates, purchases of integrated home security systems are on the rise. Maybe […]